Cox Dental Savings Membership

Dental insurance costs are extremely high. You may get “free” preventative work like cleanings and exams, but when it comes time to have basic and major work like fillings and crowns, insurance typically downgrades the coverage or you may be subject to waiting periods or a missing tooth clause. On top of that, insurance often requires us to send them a preauthorization before you can get the work done, which only prolongs the dental situation you are in and sometimes the additional time may worsen your prognosis.

In the office, we call insurance companies before patients arrive to get an estimate of what they may cover, but unfortunately those estimates are practically never 100% right on. Because of insurance benefits and stipulations, patients often feel limited to only receive treatment that is covered by their insurance plan, rather than actually receiving treatment based on their needs and wants.

For these reasons and many more, we have created the Cox Dental Savings Membership. We genuinely want our patients to receive the absolute best dental care, and at the lowest possible price! As an annual member, you automatically receive 2 prophylactic cleanings, 2 periodic exams, 2 fluoride applications, 1 set of bitewing x-rays, 1 panoramic x-ray (every 3 years), and 4 limited exams. Additionally, you will receive 20% off any treatment (besides the automatic cleaning and exam appointments).

The purpose of this savings membership is to provide for our patients the most quality treatment in the simplest possible way. There are no maximums, deductibles, waiting periods, missing tooth clauses, downgrading, preauthorizations, or restrictions